Do you have an issue
involving fluid dynamics ?

We find the solution with you.

By providing results and analyses to understand complex physical phenomena, we help you improve your products and processes. We support you to optimize your development and manufacturing costs or to comply with environmental standards.

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in fluid dynamics,
this is our job.

CFD-Numerics is an engineering consulting company specializing in fluid mechanics, heat exchange and combustion as well as in numerical simulation of complex physical phenomena.

To help you better understand and master your processes and products, we support you at all stages of your project, whatever the size of your structure.

Tailor-made support
& commitment to results

CFD-Numerics supports you in your projects in fluid dynamics, heat exchange and combustion with a customized methodology
and commits to the results before the work begins.
Engineering services are not quoted in relation to a number of hours, but linked to a commitment to results.


Simulate your product or process under the most realistic conditions possible.

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Definition of a simulation process adapted to your most complex applications.

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Analysis, interpretation and advices on technologies and methodologies.

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Study and research to combine physical relevance and industrial constraints.

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Technical assistance and support to facilitate methodology deployment.

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Optimise your industrial processes,
Whatever your sector of activity

From building to aeronautics and industry, we have been accompanying companies of all sizes for nearly 10 years in the resolution of industrial problems involving fluids.

CFD-Numerics, a company who invests in R&D!

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topology optimisation for fluids

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