Marine & offshore

Do you want to control fluid flows ?

CFD-Numerics is involved in all aspects of shipbuilding: from the design of ship hulls to the analysis of passenger comfort.

  • Hydrodynamics
  • Climate control
  • External aerodynamics
  • Off-shore

Case study

STX – vessel

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Case study

Hull test tank

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CFD-Numerics is involved in setting up simulation methods to analyze the hydrodynamic performance of ship hulls.

The solution makes it possible to manage the movement of the boat and the search for the equilibrium position.

External aerodynamics

For certain wind conditions, the comfort of passengers may not be ensured on cruise ships.

This is reflected either by strong aerodynamic beats very unpleasant or by the return of fumes on the bridges.

The simulations make it possible to verify these points and to study rapidly solutions of bypass.


The installation of offshore platforms or wind turbines requires new risks to be explored.

One of the identified risks is waves of very large amplitude.

CFD-Numerics performs simulations to reproduce these phenomena that are very difficult to reproduce in test bench.

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