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Since its inception, CFD-Numerics has been working with energy producers to help them reduce consumption and respect environmental constraints.

  • Furnaces
  • Boilers
  • Thermo-hydraulics


The CFD simulations can now be used to support operation of industrial furnaces.

It gives access to temperatures and concentrations of species close to the walls to prevent the risk of corrosion.

It also provides information on the concentration of pollutants as a function of fuels.


Boilers are widely used in energy production processes.

Non-catalytic selective reduction (SNCR) solutions can be used to treat combustion residues.

CFD-Numerics supports the installation of the injection systems to check their effectiveness.


CFD-Numerics collaborates with engineering teams of manufacturers and operators to evaluate the temperature levels in components (tanks, exchangers, loops …) in normal or accidental operating conditions.

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