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CFD-Numerics specialises in aeronautics applications involving aerodynamics and aerothermics.

  • Compressor aerodynamics
  • Aerothermics and cooling
  • Combustion

Case study

Safran Aircraft Engines – Compressor

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Case study

Manifold block design with SmartOptim

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Case study

Safran Aircraft Engines – Cavities

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Compressor aerodynamics

The performance of an aeronautical engine depends mainly on the design of the turbine and compressor blades.

Amongst other acitivities, CFD-Numerics has performed the analysis of a compressor by simulating the 3D aerodynamic phenomena with 360° mobile meshes.

Aerothermics and cooling

In addition to the aerodynamic aspects, the efficiency of aeronautical engines depends on the good management of the cavities ventilation.

The understanding of the flow and heat transfer modes can be supported by 3D CFD simulations.


CFD-Numerics develops advanced simulation methods for modeling injection, combustion, heat exchange (radiation) and conduction in aeronautical engines.

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