Our expertises in Computation Fluid Dynamics

Fluid analysis to improve control

Do you want to maximize the performance of your product while limiting design risks and guaranteeing investments?

CFD-Numerics analyzes, designs and optimizes processes or products for your company. Our fluid analysis aims to improve the understanding of complex physical phenomena and to develop your technologies of the future.

We are able to answer your needs by advising you and helping you in the design of your processes. Moreover, our expertise in Computational Fluid Mechanices guarantees the efficiency and success of the collaboration

We master numerical simulation…

  • Of non-reacting monophasic flows
  • Of particles flows
  • Of free-surface flows
  • Of multiphase flows
  • Of reacting flows
  • Of conjugate heat transfer
  • Of phase changes
  • Of turbomachines
  • Of Fluid/Structure interactions
  • Of optimisation through Design Of Experiment
  • Of Topological Optimisation for fluids

Our expertise in fluid analysis at your service

CFD-Numerics provides its customers with its expertise and know-how in Computational Fluid Dynamics, thermics and combustion.

Through our multisectoral activities, we have a wide broad view of simulation applications and methods. We can also offer solutions from other sectors to help you optimize your products or processes.


Simulate operating product or process in the most realistic environment possible

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Scrupulous design of a process adapted to your most complex applications.

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Analysis, interpretation and advices concerning technologies et méthodologies

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Study and research to combine physical relevance and industrial constraints.

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Technical assistance and support to facilitate efficient deployment.

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