Kick-off of H2020 project ΣIDERWIN

6 November 2017

CFD-Numerics participates in ΣIDERWIN, new H2020 project granted by EU

Addressing climate change supposes a drastic reduction of Global Green-house Gases emissions. The European Union is committed to achieve a 20% reduction of GHG emissions by 2020 compared to 1990. The targets for the industry is a reduction of 34 to 40% in 2030.

The current steelmaking industry is massively using fossil fuels to produce iron metal and there is no alternative technology that could reach the EU targets in terms of GHG emissions reduction.

The Σiderwin project aims to develop, build and demonstrate a breakthrough technology to replace the standard production mode of iron metal by a new electrolytic process which does not emit directly GHG. The process associated to renewable energies will transform any iron oxide into steel plate achieving a reduction by 87% of the direct CO2 emissions and a reduction by 31% of the direct energy use.

The objective of the project will consist in developing a pilot prototype at TRL 6. The development of the pilot electrolytic cell must be achieved on a short notice and, thus, needs efficient tools to reach the objectives.

CFD-Numerics will be involved in the engineering development of the cell by performing computational fluid Dynamics simulations to design the most efficient prototype. Those simulations will take into account 3D models, two-phase, electro-chemical and magneto-hydrodynamics flows.

CFD-Numerics is proud to be part of the 12 European partners involved in the Σiderwin project officially launched on the 11th October 2017 Kick-Off Meeting at UE Headquarter in Bruxelles.